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Catori Vi

Raemi Rue

Co-creator Raemi Rue is devoted to her practice and aims to provide her clients with alternative evidence-based, non-invasive, natural healing modalities. She is a talented photographer, mom of two teenagers, paddleboard enthusiast, and lifelong student of the power of metaphysics. Raemi has a deep love for earth medicine, plants, and studies the implementation and use of herbs and plant medicine to help achieve a holistic balance for both for herself, her family, and her clients. Raemi has experienced huge benefits using these modalities in her life in areas such as family and relationships, sobriety, happiness, and purpose. 

Co-creator, Catori is passionate about helping her clients create their own healing plans through education and empowerment. Catori has dedicated herself to her field and has extensive training including degrees in Ethnic Studies specializing in indigenous practice, History, and Communications with continued education and training in mindfulness psychology and collective trauma healing. She is mom, partner, dog mom, flight attendant, and educational travel blogger. Catori also works with plant medicine and is eager to share her knowledge and experiences with you and help you find the healing and spiritual harmony you deserve.

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